Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ultimate Safelist Survival: What is a safelist anyway?

Ultimate Safe list Survival: What is a safe list anyway?

What is a Safe list

Basically a safe list is a gathering of like minded individuals who have
agreed to exchanges ads. You agree to receive ads from all the others
members in exchange for the opportunity to send your own. This concept
has many advantages, here's a couple of them.

The advantages of safe list marketing

For one it's spam free as people have to double opt-in to the safe list and
thereby agreeing to receive your ads, should some nutter decide that the
safe list mail is spam anyway it's not really your problem as the mail is not
sent from your email address or server. Actually this is the origin of the
name, a safe list is a closed community where it is safe for members to
exchange ads.

The second advantage is quite obvious but many people fail to see this,
what does all safelist members have in common? They have something to
sell, but they have not advanced far enough in their internet marketing
carreer to dismiss a very mundane task as posting to safelist is. That
means that if you have a product, report, ebook, income opportunity etc.
that can help people on the way to internet glory, the average safelist
user is an excellent prospect for you.

Why I will always use safelists

I could probably make do without safelists but I sure wont. Safelist are a
starting point for many newbie marketers and picking those up as
subscribers and customers can be very profitable e.g. they do not own
every product out there and they do not know everything, meaning that
you have plenty of stuff to sell them. You can see this as opposed to
getting *Mike Filsaime* on your list, when your initial giggling wears off
you will probably realize that Mike owns everything you promote and if he
doesn't he will probably create his own version anyway...

Mike Filsaime and safelists

Speaking of *Mike Filsaime* did you know he started his internet
marketing career using safelists? I have listened to several conference
calls where Mike explains how he built a list of *7000* members using
nothing but safelists and that list netted him $7000 a month. In fact Mike
and his "intern" Jason Dinner are still regular safelist user although I
believe they pay people to do the dirty work nowadays...

...imagine that, paying people to do your safelist posting, I'm pretty sure
Jason and Mike don't find safelists useless!

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