Saturday, December 3, 2011

7 Marketing Links You’d Be Crazy to Ignore

The Lede |
The best (and shortest) business book ever written.
Why visualizing your success could actually be hurting your chances for success.
The #1 overlooked skill for every author, and how to get 7,000 Twitter followers.
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This is The Lede
7 Unwritten Rules of Social Media
Well, now they’re written. This is a very good and basic structure for operating effectively within any social media.
The Best (and Shortest) Business Book Ever Written
You’ve heard about this author all your life. You’ve probably even quoted him a few times without knowing it. Have you read his amazingly practical business philosophies?
If You Want to Fail, Visualize Success
The word counterintuitive doesn’t begin to describe the results of this research. What do you think?
10 Ways to Get Your Emails Read
You do know that not everyone is opening your emails right? Number 4 is a bit vague in its counsel, but there’s a lot of solid, specific advice in this list to help you along in your email marketing.
How to Get 7,000 Twitter Followers
The lesson in this story lies under the surface. This is not necessarily a tactic to be replicated, as much as a philosphy to keep in mind: Strategically enter the conversations that matter to your business goals.
The No. 1 Overlooked Skill for Every Author
A powerful observation made by well-respected writer and editor Jane Friedman. Copyblogger hasn’t been teaching this stuff for almost six years just for the hell of it, it really matters.
The Secret of New Marketing
I would promise not to link to Seth in every edition of The Lede, but that could very possibly become a lie. There’s just too much in his archive that needs to be read, spread, and understood … like the link above.

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